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alanahs wife


1.Name: Matt

2.DOB and Age:  16.10.89 15
3.City/Town: Leeds

4.Gender: male

5.Occupation: Student/ bassist

6.Five bands you like:

* Reel Big Fish

* Green Day

* Zebrahead

* The stone roses

* The Hideaways

7.Five bands you don't like:

* eminem

* jack 8-)

* maroon 5

* sclub


11.Last CD you bought: Sugarcult palm trees and powerlines

12.What is your favourite website, and why: Apart from lj, maddox, guy rights some funny stuff

13.Drink/smoke/drugs? Drink yes, others nope

14.Favourite song, and why: Where have you been or pieces, because they really talk bout me *doesnt all punk rocl :D*

15.Favourite film, and why: Swordfish, so unbelievebly awsome, see it and see

16.Favourite book, and why: Dark tower series by stepehn king, very good story line, very good books

17.Favourite animal, and why: Tortoise, they rule, you know it

18.Four things you like:

* rainy days

* Cold nights outside

* Bassing

* True friends

19. Four things you dislike:

* scals :D

* Atheists who try and change my life 8-)

* 6:30 wake up

* Insenserity (sp)

20. Three ways you would change the world, and why:

* Bigger feeling of christianity, its almost totally gone

* Cancel the debt

* Make hideaways conserts mandatory for sall :D

21. Four general facts about yourself:

* Blue green eyes, brwon hair

* Probs to shallow, i try, i fail

* Obsesive about music, have ti have it in the backround or be playing it and picking it apart etc,

* I love my friends

21.Why do you want to be in this community?: ALANAH

Please 2 pictures of yourself. (Does not have to be of you, can be of you and a friend etc. Do not worry about posting a photo of yourself, it will stay on this community.)

I have no photobucket and am lazy


Thats my soul it will do

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