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1.Name: Liz

2.DOB and Age:  14.12.89 - 15

3.City/Town: Leeds

4.Gender: Female

5.Occupation: Student/guitarist (in practice!!! : P)

6.Five bands you like:

* Reel Big Fish

* Green Day

* Guns and Roses

* Rooster

* And I gotta say the Hideaways too don’t i!

7.Five bands you don't like:

* Girls Aloud!!!

* Mariah Carey/Nora Jones/any of that ballad ‘my heart is breaking even though im a fucking millionaire and am beautiful with bf/friends/servants’ shit.

* Most rap stuff

* sclub


11.Last CD you bought: Guns and Roses – Appetite for destruction

12.What is your favourite website, and why: hmmm, lj… and I dunno! Stuff that is amusing!!!

13.Drink/smoke/drugs? Drink yes, smoke no, drugs nope

14.Favourite song, and why: Run by snowpatrol… I can relate to it.

15.Favourite film, and why: hmmm, way too many to put down!!!

16.Favourite book, and why: Georgia Nicholson books and those odd gossip girl ones are pretty good too.

17.Favourite animal, and why: well… I have always wanted a dog! I mean… they are soooooo cute!!

18.Four things you like:

* being out in the rain getting soaked

* My guitar

* True friends and people that I can openly talk to and laugh with.

* Cold winters

19. Four things you dislike:

* scals!!!

* People who fall out with you and don’t give a reason

* really early mornings

* People telling me how I should live my life

20. Three ways you would change the world, and why:

* More people had religion, but each accept the rights of others to follow any faith they believe in.

* Everyone smiled more : D         

* all the obvious stuff… no poverty etc

21. Four general facts about yourself:

* Green eyes, Brown hair

* Music is my one true love!

* I couldn’t live without my friends… the people I care about the most

* Probs too insecure/shallow… but hey, this is me. Deal with it!

21.Why do you want to be in this community?: alanah made it!!!

Please 2 pictures of yourself. (Does not have to be of you, can be of you and a friend etc. Do not worry about posting a photo of yourself, it will stay on this community.)

I don’t have a photobucket and all my pics of myself are crap anyway!!!

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