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2.DOB and Age: 6/22/86

3.City/Town: MA

4.Gender: Female

5.Occupation: Artist,student,cartering,ticket sales

6.Five bands you like:

* Bush

* Janis Jopin

* Nirvina

* Bob Marley

* Jack Johnson

7.Five bands you don't like:

* Jessica Simpson

* Britney Spears

* 5 Four Fighting

* Good Charlette

* Josh Groban

11.Last CD you bought: Pink Floyd 'Animals', Jefferson Airplane, New Foo Fighters

12.What is your favourite website, and why: Livejournal and Amazon why because i am in a lot of artist clubs and i miss my friends at school. Amazon cause they have old school random stuff.

13.Drink/smoke/drugs? Drink a little, Smoke a bit.

14.Favourite song, and why : Currently 'Another Little Piece of My Heart' cause it is emotional
and i love rare emotion.

15.Favourite film, and why: Many 'High Fidelity', 'Almost Famous','Fight Club', 'Garden State',
'Clue', 'Say Anything', 'Crash' , and 'Princess Bride' etc etc
I love them because they are good and interesting

16.Favourite book, and why: ''The Bell Jar' and 'Ordinary People' and 'Catcher in the Rye'
Why because they express pure emotion and are true to life.

17.Favourite animal, and why: a lion, tiger, fighting fish, house cat's, seal,turtles
Why because they are beautiful and interesting
cats are always thinking

18.Four things you like:

* Painting, Drawing,Photography

* listen to Good Music

* Soccer,Tennis,Running

* Coffee

19. Four things you dislike:

* G.W Bush

* Mean People w/Money (or just in General)

* Top 40's

* Racism

20. Three ways you would change the world, and why:

* Volenteer

* Through my work

* Vote

21. Four general facts about yourself:

* short

* shy

* sensitive

* sarcastic

21.Why do you want to be in this community?: it looked cool
i am always up for something new so .. i figured why not
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