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Hello and welcome =D

Welcome to the x______fallen community!
My name is Alanah, and I am maintainer of this community!
Just thought I'd say hello, please can all new members post the application as soon as they join, the application can be found on the information page.

Thank eeee



1.Name: Alanah

2.DOB and Age: 22.08.90, 14

3.City/Town: Leeds

4.Gender: Female

5.Occupation: Student/Dance helper

6.Five bands you like:

* Good Charlotte

* Green Day

* Millencolin

* The Glitterati

* The black velvets

7.Five bands you don't like:

* Girls Aloud

* S club 8

* Black Eyed Peas



11.Last CD you bought: Green Day International Super Hits and McFly Comic releif single

12.What is your favourite website, and why: livejournal, because I spend half my life updating and reading my freinds journals!

13.Drink/smoke/drugs? Drink sometimes, but the others, not yet =P

14.Favourite song, and why: My Bloody Valentine by Good Charlotte because its an amazing song with meaningful lyrics.

15.Favourite film, and why: Pirates of the Carribean. Two words. Johnny Depp.

16.Favourite book, and why: I'll read anything, except Northen Lights and co because I didnt enjoy those at all!

17.Favourite animal, and why: Monkeys, because they are just too cool!

18.Four things you like:

* Sunny days

* Best friends and hugs from them

* Going into town with friends/more than friends, the second slighty better than the first!

* Dancing and singing!

19. Four things you dislike:

* Sciences at school, or exams on sciences.

* Maths, its a bastard!

* When the computor decideds to die when I'm in the middle of something.

* Greasy hair, just wash damn you! There are shampoos for that! (sorry to be shallow)

20. Three ways you would change the world, and why:

* Tony Blair and Bush would not be in power.

* Everyone would respect each other and their rights, therefore no name calling, robbing etc.

* End world hunger and clean up the atmosphere.

21. Four general facts about yourself:

* I have green eyes and red hair.

* I'm a generally happy person, and I'm only sad if something has really got on my nerves or upset me.

* I love music, I nearly always have music on when I'm working.

* I love all types of music, except pathetic pop and artists only in it for the money. You've gotta have a passion for the music!

21.Why do you want to be in this community?: Well...I sort of made it!

Please 2 pictures of yourself. (Does not have to be of you, can be of you and a friend etc. Do not worry about posting a photo of yourself, it will stay on this community.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me with my best friends, Amy and Katie (k8i_06)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me on my own looking kinda strange. I'm not really that ugly THE PICTURE LIES!!
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